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231 Ways to Say I Love You...and mean it

Robert W. Lucas

If you are looking for ways to win the heart of someone else, reignite the spark in your relationship and bring passion, excitement, communication and fun to your life, you are holding the answer. 231 Ways to Say I Love You is filled with simple, proven creative strategies designed to fan the fires of your love and romance.  The examples in this book are intended to touch the heart of your loved one, help foster sound relationships, better demonstrate trust and caring, and fall deeper in love and stay that way. This book shows you how simple building and maintaining a loving relationship is. By taking a few minutes each day to implement the strategies in this book, you can watch the intimacy and trust grow between you and your loved one. In addition to creative romance and love strategies, there is also a “Resources for Lovers” section that supplements the techniques offered in the book. These imaginative and practical suggestions can aid you in your quest to win and keep the heart of your loved one and bring intimacy and life to your relationship.

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