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A Glossary of Life: Deeper Meaning Behind Our Common Words

Manny Garcia

2019 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Religion/Spirituality (Gold) Truth cannot be created... it can only be discovered. Throughout human history, timeless truths about life, death, and meaning have echoed from enlightened teachers and have been captured in ancient texts. But over the passage of time, shifting sands of language and culture have concealed much of that wisdom. A Glossary of Life is an endeavor to reconnect humanity to ancient truths by retelling them in easy to understand, modern-day language. This book - and each of its 133 glossary topics - distills ageless philosophy and wisdom into bite-sized paragraphs intended to expand awareness and take the reader on a journey of self-discovery. It is a guide for those yearning to discover their full potential and the many hidden wonders life holds. 2019 National Winner - Best Indie Book Award
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