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Thomas H. Ward

This book covers adventures of traveling in Asia. It provides MEMOIRS, TRAVEL STORIES, and SYNOPSIS OF ASIAN HISTORY. The Author spent over twenty years traveling to Asia for both business and pleasure to China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tiawan. In his book, American Gaijin in Asia, Ward writes about his true travel stories from his experience traveling to the far east. In addition, he also provides travel tips and suggestions for anyone looking to travel to Asia, as well as pictures that document his exploration.

FROM THE AUTHOR: "I admit this book is not one of my best as it is poorly written. I hastily wrote this book not giving any thought to having it published. But if you like to travel stories advising unusual events that happen then you will enjoy this book. For example: My first trip to China was in 1980 and foreigners were not permitted to take pictures. I was also shocked that I was the only person on a Sunday morning touring the Forbidden City. A Chinese security officer followed me around all day making sure I did not take any pictures.
I was lucky to meet with two Chinese Tiger hunters who were straight out of the mountains selling Tiger parts and skins for rugs out of the back of their horse draw cart at a train station deep inside China near the mountains. It was a real sight to see these rough looking Tiger hunters, dressed in fur skins, with old flint lock rifles slung over their shoulders. Chinese soldiers were standing nearby for some reason."

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