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Betrayed in Beaufort

2019 FAPA President's Award Winner - Adult Fiction - Mystery (Silver) The young woman strolls down the marina street in Beaufort, NC admiring the lovely village and sailboats when she realizes a memory is not part of her psyche. The only thing for sure is the beautiful coastal town where she walks. Who she is and what happened to her are unknown. Uncertain of what to do, Tory continues walking toward the historic homes standing nobly before her. Finally, noticing a stranger watching from one of the balconies, she waves uncertainly. A chaotic feeling overtakes the desire for peace as this handsome stranger rushes her. He questions her actions during the time away, but she feels grateful for the recognition his eyes reflect. When he pulls her into an embrace, the scent of the ocean in his hair comforts her. Is this unfamiliar person, who gently guides her inside his home evil, intent on her harm? Betrayed in Beaufort tells the story of the lovely Victoria and her quest to discover the answers of an unknown life. How can she survive the web of lies facing her? Each "friend" quickly displays deceit but why? Did previous actions create the struggle for survival that haunts each path before her?
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