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Beyond The Pale Blue Sun: Book Two in the Saga of the Cerulean Universe

Kip Koelsch

2021 FAPA President's Book Awards: Bronze: Adult Fiction: Sci-Fi. MEMORY. HOPE. CHANGE.“A’zra! A’zra!” For eleven years, Captain Victoria replayed her own frantic cries and the soul-crushing images she witnessed from the deck of the Vagus—the luminous fireball high in the atmosphere; the flashes of orange reflecting off the blue-green boundary of the Celestial Ocean; the destruction of the airship S’trava.Now, standing on the command bridge of the Tor Meget, a glimmer of hope prevails. Ready to leave Port G’lea and lead M’aremundi’s first expedition beyond their system’s pale blue sun, Victoria knows she is striking out not to seek rare minerals or establish diplomatic relations but to answer one question--A’zra, are you out there?Meanwhile, a new and sinister tempest stirs the remote waters of the Cerulean Universe--devastating allies of the Greater Pod and disrupting The Balance that governing coalition of cetaceans has strived for eons to deftly maintain. The ensuing maelstrom engulfs the Tor Meget and M’aremundi, unleashing a torrent of change that will shift the balance of power and eventually lead to an epic clash with an alternate universe.
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