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BHANTE-The Corgi of O'side

Deborah Burggraaf

2021 FAPA President's Book Award: Bronze: Children - General 2021 FAPA President's Book Award: Bronze: Inspirational "It's a Corgi! It's a Corgi! They excitedly call. Bhante struts, turns his head, and stands so proud and so tall." Put on your walking shoes and pack your water bottle, as your begin your journey in the life of this well-known canine star of Oceanside, California. It's BHANTE, The Corgi of O'side! Experience a day in the life of Bhante, a dedicated Service Dog, while shopping at the local, street fair on Pier View Way, enjoying lunch at the downtown taco shop, and continuing your stroll along Coast Highway. Out on the wooden planks of the Oceanside Pier, you'll see the surfers waiting to catch a wave, as you and Bhante make new friends while absorbing the salty, afternoon waves along the Pacific coastline. BHANTE, The Corgi of O'side will enrich your day with his wonder and zest for life, as he embraces everyone he meets with loving kindness.
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