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Billy Bean's Ghost

John R. York

Billy Bean lives alone in the small attic apartment of an old, unoccupied mansion. His cheap rent is subsidized by an agreement to watch over the place while the owner is away. A bank teller and chronic introvert, Billy’s life is one boring, mind-numbing day after another. Since the age of four, he worked toward becoming a concert pianist. But, at age 18, after the horrific death of his father and a rejection from the San Francisco Music Conservatory, Billy plunged into a deep depression. He no longer felt the passion to play the piano. During his weekly inspections of the old mansion, Billy discovers a beautiful Steinway concert grand piano. He is so inspired by the magnificent instrument that he tentatively begins playing again, but there is a catch. Each time he plays this marvelous piano, he hears an imploring voice inside his head. The mysterious voice compels Billy to visit psychiatrist, Abigale Applebee. They soon discover the voice is not the result of a psychosis, but something far more sinister. Led by the voice, Abby and Billy unexpectedly uncover the horrific secrets of a long-forgotten cellar below the house. But who is going to believe them?
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