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Black Boys Don't Speak

2020 FAPA Book Award Winner - Bronze: Bio/Autobography/Memoir Black Boys Don't Speak is about a boy turned man who set out to discover his identity, the history of his life, his reason for being and what the future holds. That boy is me. Have you ever felt like you were living a lie? Like somethings just don't quite make sense? I have. Have you ever had so much to say, so much going on, on the inside of you and no way to let it out? No one to hear you out? I have. Have you experienced what seems like drama after drama, tragedy after tragedy and somehow you're still standing? I have too. This is my real life. What you will read is my real raw thoughts and expression. My opinion. All I really want to do is help free my brothers. I'll start by freeing myself because when Black Boys Don't Speak, black boys don't speak. May my life be an inspiration to you.Peace and love
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