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Celebrating Friends and Friendship

Jan Yager

Here is a book for anyone who cares about their friends and who wants to find out more about friendship but also about material and non-material ways to celebrate their friends. Chapter 2 is devoted to Birthdays. Chapters 3 and 4 cover Gifts followed by Experiences. Chapter 5 is devoted to annual friendship events. Chapter 6 addresses such key issues that we must all face, how to celebrate a friend who has passed away.

There are examples and quotes from Dr. Yager's extensive friendship research as well as color photographs throughout.

Here's what they're saying about this unique, useful, and inspirational book:
“Friendships are priceless. Dr. Jan Yager’s new book, Celebrating Friends and Friendships, is also priceless. Totally worth reading.”—Jeffrey J. Fox, author, How to Become a Rainmaker

“I am grateful for my friendships and grateful that Jan Yager has written a book that helps me to celebrate my friendships and their power every day!”Leslie A. Yerkes, author, 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work

“As a person whose circle of friends has gradually been reduced, whether through pandemic proximities, attrition, or sheer neglect, Jan's book, Celebrating Friends and Friendship, has rejuvenated my awareness of how important and fulfilling my friendships have been, and still can be, in enriching my life.”Bob McGee, author, A View Through the Fog

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