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Charge it to the Game

Keaidy Bennett

Ya’ll ever wonder why we call this a game? Think about it, no one ever comes out as a winner, and it’s not always fun.

That’s why I never wanted to play. Sadly, I didn’t have a choice. My Papi was an international mogul. He ran all sorts of businesses, but his most lucrative one was his drug dynasty.

Before he was murdered, Papi helped me set up my own empire. I created Beauty by Tammy to show my father that you didn’t have to be an asshole to run a multi-million-dollar business. On the other hand, he partnered with me because everyone my company worked with was part of La Familia. The other members he did all his illegal dirt with. After he was gunned down like a dog in the streets, it was no question. I had to be the one to fill his empty seat.

I never wanted to play the bad guy role, but this lifestyle left me no choice. I’m tired of being the only one taking losses; it’s time for others to see what it feels like to Charge it to the Game.
Get lost with Tamia Santiago and Kyle Cole in the first part of the Charge it to the Game Series. Is this the start of a hood love story, or is Kyle just a pawn caught up playing Tamia’s game?

**This book is a re-release of Charge it to the Game by Keaidy Selmon**

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