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Cloud Kingdom: Fantasy Adventure

Fred Gray

2020 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner -Children's Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Bronze) On the edge of our reality where all dreams can quickly turn to nightmares, one boy's struggles will save us all. Christopher is tired of being bullied by the neighborhood gang that pushes him around and steals his things. When he imagines himself becoming a brave pirate who could face any danger, he is shocked to see his dream come true. Captain Christopher embarks on a heart-pounding adventure that takes him and his sister Leah deep into Cloud Kingdom where strange and mysterious creatures await, along with ferocious beasts. Christopher and Leah face great peril as they fly through the star tunnel and into the world of broken clouds. It won't be easy for them to tell friend from foe as they battle the Evil Overlord Stous who, along with his Evil Eight, steals the dreams and souls of children and won't rest until he can do away with the young adventurers forever. A captivating tale of courage, love, and honor.
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