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CORKY'S TRAVELS: a tale of exploration

Deborah Burggraaf

2019 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Cover Design Juvenile (Silver) A man, a stray cat and a small cottage on a hill, CORKY'S TRAVELS is a charming tale of everlasting love. Jim rescues a two-week old, black cat from a trench and comforts him in his home with food and the warmth of his embracing arms. Corky learns that their love is a forever friendship, whether they travel across country by airplane or truck, or simply cuddle up on their soft pillows back at home, their lives are now complete. One evening, Corky ventures out at sunset to watch the crows and hummingbirds settle in for the night and Jim wonders where he is. Search with Jim, as he peers out his window and traverses the land looking for his best friend. Even when Corky goes missing, Jim's heart remains filled with Corky's love. He knows that Corky is outdoors still exploring new things.
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