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Dark of the Earth (Eye of the Moon)

Ivan Obolensky

While Percy's best friend and business partner lies in a coma, Percy has only days to figure out whether it was an accident or attempted murder before he loses everything.

Percy gets a call that Johnny is in a coma from a car accident, but was it really attempted murder instead? Four suspects are invited to Rhinebeck for a long weekend to discover the truth, but as Raymond, the Dodge family chauffeur, points out, "If Johnny was targeted, then somebody was willing to kill him, and that somebody will be in your house. Do you know what to do?"

Percy has no idea, and because Johnny is the only one who knows what really happened, Percy must also find a way to awaken him.

Readers of this multi-genre series will be delighted to the very last page with Obolensky's trademark humor, wit, deft hand at plot and character development, and his extraordinary blend of reality, occult, and magic.

Includes a bonus for this Special Edition: excerpt from an interview with Ivan Obolensky by Feathered Quill.

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