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Days of Blood and Magic (Splinter of Asgard)

R. L. Keck

Having retrieved the promised talisman that will drive Malik’s spirit from Midgard, Torval, Asta, and their friends return to the Northlands to prepare for the final confrontation with the Outworld demon. Along the way, old acquaintances are reunited, while others are lost, requiring those remaining to band together and complete the quest demanded by the gods: return the splinter of Yggdrasil to the Rainbow Bridge, and heal the tree of life. The final miles test the travelers as never before. Asta struggles to understand and control the fearsome magic passed on to her by the white witch and dark faeries. Torval, free from the doubt that crippled his use of the staff’s magic, discovers a frightening aspect of being the bearer of the splinter of Yggdrasil. All discover hidden strengths as yet untapped, but whether enough to stand against the coming conflict remains to be determined. The demon awaits, the final obstacle that must be overcome if they are to be victorious. But Malik will not easily be defeated. The cost will be high for all, but some will pay the ultimate price. Can the fellowship withstand what is required to succeed? In this final arena, the combatants gather. Will their struggle satisfy the whims of the gods? Will the righteous struggle our travelers have endured be rewarded, or ignored? In these days of blood and magic, our friends must pull together, stand as one, and fight for all.
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