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Delphys Rising

2019 FAPA AWARD WINNER - SCiFI FOR MILLENNIA HUMANS HAVE DREAMED OF SPEAKING WITH DOLPHINS AND FAILED. UNTIL NOW. UNTIL DELPHYS. In 2008 a young genius conceived Delphys—an innovative dolphin communication project—while submerged in the warm, salt water of a sensory deprivation tank and dark introversion of a forced separation from the woman he loved. Nearly ten years after that epiphany—and after years of focused research, design and construction on an isolated Pacific atoll—that genius has embraced his new identity and become Dr. Evan McMillon--finally leaving the past behind. He has even found love again. Now his Delphys team is poised to boot up their powerful artificial intelligence, initiate the world’s first contact with dolphins and ultimately transform that conversation into something much more ambitious—a covert operation that will surprise the project’s military backers and the world. But when Dr. McMillon loses control of that ground-breaking conversation, he discovers toxic tendrils from his past infiltrating the very core of Delphys and wrapped around his heart. He also learns of the product of one passionate memory that may be the key to regaining control and completing his ambitious plan to change the world.
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