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Detaching Roots: Poetry and Prose

Beverly Maier

Detaching Roots is a collection of poetry divided into four sections: “Detaching, Hurting, Healing, and Falling.” The first section tells a story of survival through a childhood of confusion, sexual abuse, and neglect. In the next section titled “Hurting”, the author deals with the pain and anguish that has grown from the soil of her past. It has spiraled into weeds and thorns of heartache. In "Healing", the entire chapter shouts for hope, empowerment, and new beginnings. A beautiful example of shedding the pain of the past and allowing it to transform you into whom you’ve always wanted to be. The last section, “Falling”, discusses the beautiful potential of life after the storm. It shows the promise of a new beginning, no matter what we had to do to get there. It is a collection that will give you hope for the future!
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