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Discovering Florida's Coast: From the Emerald Northwest to Miami's Biscayne Jewel and Beyond

Doug Alderson

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Everyone knows the beaches of Florida are a top spot for locals and tourists alike, but many natives or visitors might not know the intricacies of Florida's coast. Broken down into roughly 12 parts, the entire coast of Florida and the Keys offer beachgoers a unique experience in any part of the state.

In Discovering Florida’s Coast, Doug Alderson, popular Florida writer and successful Pineapple Press author, delves into what makes each section of the state’s coast different. From the emerald waters of Pensacola to the man-made islands and amazing skyline of Miami’s Biscayne Bay, readers interested in visiting different parts of the state’s beaches will not only see beautiful photos of the natural scenery but also learn key facts about the areas.

Lifelong Floridians and first-time visitors will enjoy reading through and seeing what makes the state so appealing to beach lovers, whether they are interested in the water sports, the wildlife, or relaxing on the beach. See the powdered sugar-like white sands of the Emerald Coast or the historic lighthouses of the Forgotten Coast through the eyes of an author who has not only kayaked in all sections of the state's coastline, but who is a Florida nature and scenery lover through and through.

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