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Dreamland Diaries

It is May of 1976 when fourteen-year-old Bradley Hitchens stumbles upon a mysterious metal artifact in the North Florida woods. Spooked by a feeling the something—or someone— is watching him, Brad takes the odd metal scrap with no idea of the peril that lies ahead, or that beneath the forest floor a greater mystery waits. Seeking answers to the strange metal object’s riddle, Brad’s quest endangers university researchers and his own family. They are all unaware that the government has taken a keen interest in the find and will stop at nothing to ensure that no one discovers the truth. When the artifact is lost, Brad must hide from federal agents for seven years, relying only on his wits and trusted family members as he struggles to recover and safeguard the artifact and relay its important message to the public on his own terms. In Dreamland Diaries, a young man faces government pursuit and coverups and meets a most unusual new friend as he tries to protect another deep secret—one that has the potential to shake world philosophy to its very foundation. On the journey that Brad must take, he depends on friends old and new, family in more ways than he could have imagined, and strangers that share his mission to tell the truth. Sonny is a retired county worker and flats fisherman, Dink, a cross-country trucker. Marina is a Vegas casino concierge, Buzz is an ex-marine / field producer for NBC. All provide critical aid when it is most needed, but Brad's internal drive to protect his secret from government coverup and black hat operatives is fostered from a deep-seated desire to fulfill his father's advice; "There’ll always be things you don’t want to do, but you just have to do. Sometimes others set the schedule, and sometimes you just know you have to do something right or it won’t get done.”
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