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Eye of the Moon: Book One of Eye of the Moon

Ivan Obolensky

Was it a curse, or murder?
In this award-winning American Gothic family drama novel, Book 1 of the Eye of the Moon series, two childhood friends, Percy and Johnny, reunite to attend a weekend house party at the mysterious family estate of Rhinebeck, where twenty years ago, Johnny's aunt, Lady Alice, died while reading an Egyptian Book of the Dead.

After stumbling upon hidden artifacts, letters, and journals, the friends listen to her former butler tell her story and discover that the truth is very different from what they have been led to believe. Nothing is what it seems, and everyone at the party has a secret they would do anything to protect. What follows is an extraordinary journey into Egyptian occultism, supernatural curses, magic, and a labyrinth of secrets and hidden agendas.

Eye of the Moon is a rare and authentic glimpse inside the hidden world of America’s upper class—that small and exclusive society of the super-rich and powerful…. What starts out as a genteel and elegant celebration of an anniversary mysteriously degenerates into a series of cutthroat battles, pitting family members and friends against one another as hidden betrayals and long-suppressed secrets surrounding the death of a family member, come to light. … Plan to stay up late. Once you get caught up in this extraordinary drama you’ll find it hard to put it down. In ambiance it rivals Downton Abbey, but the plot tells a far more intense and shocking story.”
-Tom Hyman, author of Seven Days to Petrograd.

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