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Fate & Freedom Book III - On Troubled Shores

2020 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Historical Fiction (Gold) 2019 AFRO AMERICAN HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL BOOK AWARDS WINNER - ADULT HISTORICAL FICTION 2020 INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS BOOK AWARD WINNER - BEST SERIES READERS FAVORITE DECLARES THE FATE & FREEDOM SERIES "A MASTERPIECE WITH IRRESISTIBLE APPEAL!" A SERIES FOR ALL AGES... The conclusion of the epic saga will leave you holding your breath right up until the very end.  The shores of the James River are eroding rapidly as Margaret and John struggle to remain afloat and retain the simplest of freedoms while continuing to forge forward to preserve their children's future. A story of perseverance for life with only the hope to survive the legalities and escape slavery during the earliest years of America's birth.
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