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FISHING FOR LOVE: A Mosaic of Creature-Inspired Tales

Linda Guecia

Fishing For Love: A Mosaic of Creature-Inspired Tales, is about life, love, and creatures on Amelia Island, Florida. It consists of thirteen interrelated stories set on and around the island. Each is told by a fictional island inhabitant and features a different island creatures—jellyfish, armadillo, alligator, snake, dog, butterfly, pelican, redfish, manatee, shark, vulture, cardinal, and human. The collection includes an introduction about Amelia Island and interweaves the life cycle and adventures of a loggerhead sea turtle.

Islanders Know

Love is all around in Amelia Island, Florida. It penetrates its sandy surface, floats through its air, swims in its waters, lingers in its foliage, and lives inside its creatures and human inhabitants. All kinds of love—romantic, spiritual, even self-love. Love of family, friends, community, nature, truth, and God. Although some may initially be deceived, love will always find its way for those who seek it.

In this short story collection, you’ll meet a manager who finds love in his employees, a wife who escapes deceptive love with the help of her friends, and a police officer who inspires love through community. You’ll also experience a neighbor avenge his only love and discover a therapist find his way back to love. You’ll even watch a boy transform with love and a senior citizen sustain its enduring nurturance.

Find romantic love while fishing, maternal love while boating, and life-saving love in the midst of sharks. Run from the grip of scavengers and into the spirit of faith as humans unite in love. You’ll enjoy all this while following the loggerhead sea turtle, island creatures, and human inhabitants, and journey through love’s adventures.

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