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From Suffering to Salve: My Journey to Happiness

Suzan Zan

2021 FAPA President's Book Award: Silver: Poetry In this poetry collection, Suzan E. Zan unflinchingly shares some of the hurts and heartaches that have shaped her life. The author uses self-reflection as an important tool to spark insight and alter the way we see ourselves and those around us. This poignant poetry collection is categorized into sections that represent steps along the author’s journey—suffering, scars, and salve—and covers a multitude of themes including relationships and self-worth, mental health and manipulation, adoption, and overcoming. Zan’s poems explore a myriad of manifestations that transcend the trials of time. Many people suffer in silence from low self-image, depression, and anxiety—this book shows others they are not alone in their struggles, and they can follow their own journey to happiness.  
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