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Harry Fye: One-Eyed PI: A Rhyming Picture Book for Busy Grown-Ups

Emily R Baker

Harry Fye: One-Eyed PI is a fun twist on a short story- A Rhyming Picture Book for Busy Grown-ups! Who says kids are the only ones who get to have picture books? Can't an adult enjoy a good rhyming story? Well, now you can have your cake and eat it, too! Go back to your youth and enjoy the Suessian-style of an adult-themed story, complete with mediocre graphics (who needs an illustrator) and a hilarious twist (I bet she didn't see that coming! (That's a joke. Read the book and you'll get it.)). It even has Large Print so everyone can enjoy it! If you love irony, have a childlike spirit, or would love to read a novel, but heck, who has the time? then Harry Fye: One-Eyed PI is for you. Seriously. Just give it a shot. Oh, and it makes a great gift for people who, well, just aren't that into books, but like to be able to say that they are. Get all of the prestige associated with being a "book lover" with only a fraction of the time and effort required to read an "actual novel". Come on. Click the button. You'll laugh. You may even cry. But mostly you'll just feel satisfied with your purchase of Harry Fye: One-Eyed PI.
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