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Healing Your Life One Leaf at a Time

Sara Shaw

"A common theme of therapy and evaluations is one can best predict future behaviors by observing past actions and behavior. The interviews that Sara conducted for the chapters relating to abuse revealed that just about everyone was aware of their abuser's 'red flags, ' and yet, because of their history, they were unable to protect themselves. Hopefully, by reading these very personal, real stories, one can better identify the 'red flags' in their lives and find the courage and strength to seek help and discover healing."

-Dr. Michael Kollar, Psychologist, Past President South Carolina Psychological Association, Past Chairman of the Board of Examiners in Psychology, Awarded Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology by the South Carolina Psychological Association

Imagine, for a moment, a four-leaf clover and healing your life, one leaf at a time. Inside these chapters are personal interviews of people from all walks of life who shared some of their deepest and darkest days. You will be drawn into each of their lives, wanting to read on and needing to read on to know how they survived it. What did they learn? Where are they now? The meaning of keeping things behind closed doors is to keep things hidden and secret for very good reasons. Real names were not used to protect identities, but their stories are real, and they were told for all the right reasons. Each chapter cracks the door open in the hopes that these stories will bring hope and healing to others.

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