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Health Care in Mobile: An Oral History of the 1940s

Joy HP Harriman

“Health Care in Mobile: An Oral History of the 1940s” presents a small oral history of the delivery of health care in Mobile, Alabama, from the late 1930s to the early 1950s. It includes the beliefs, behaviors, expectations and experiences of individuals whose lives have been entwined with community and health care: men and women from different cultures, social classes, and ethnic and racial groups whose differences and similarities combine to present their memories. Collectively they present common experiences that offer a glimpse of a very real health culture that has been mostly forgotten, as it existed before interstates, insurance, and intensive care units. This is a work of local health and medical history. The spoken memories in this book are faithfully reproduced to allow an understanding of the emotions, thoughts, perspective, culture, and assessment of the times. These narratives provide recollections about self and relationships that are seldom provided in such depth. That is their gift — coming to know each person as if you’d joined them at the dinner table. The individuals profiled in here include: A.A. Wood, MD Marguerite Wiggins Russell Franklin James B. Foster Ernest G. DeBakey, MD Socrates N. Rumpanos, MD Harry N. Webster, MD Samuel Eichold, MD Annelle Woodall Jerome, RN E. Chandler Bramlett Margie Ward Gatti, RN

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