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Helm of Awe: Anchoress Series Book Three

D.L. Armillei

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Honorable Mention 2022 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards For Excellence in Writing

Deep in enemy territory, a sudden change of mission could seal their fate...

At seventeen, Van knows her life is somewhat charmed, rarely feeling the deep bite of injustice, but this is ridiculous.

The Jaychund Games—a vital part of senior exams—should’ve been an effortless victory. Instead, the last-minute addition of an off-islander tripped her up. So, losing her temper? Completely justifiable.

Her ex-boyfriend and her best friend are flirting right under her nose, while she hasn’t heard from her crush, Ferox, the Balish crown prince, in ages.

And now Van’s leading her team on a mission deep into Balish-occupied territory—enemy territory—to check the third seal with her powers on the fritz.

Then she breaks one tiny Balish rule, and as punishment, she’s tossed headlong into another round of games. See? Totally unfair.

Old enemies, a deadly virus, royal intrigues, cloaked assassins—and the sudden realization that someone has sent her there for an entirely different reason—threaten to send her life plan up in flames. If she fails, only the Creator knows if Van and her team will get out of this mess alive.

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