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If You Have Time

Norman Gilliland

The antique pocket watch doesn’t look like much. But when an accident starts it ticking and a stranger makes off with it, four middle school friends are thrown into a universe where seasons and centuries are colliding. Drew has a head for facts but is a disaster when he tries to join the volleyball team. Jasmine is athletic but has a secret anxiety. Her sister Lila has musical talent but yearns for perfection. Joy can “read” people, yet can’t cope with her quarreling parents.
The four of them have to overcome their doubts and fears and draw on previously untapped powers as they try to get the watch back and restore time itself.
At its heart, If You Have Time is about storytelling, how each of us who hears a story shapes it. But it also reflects upon the qualities of a good leader, the power of music, and the mystery of love's attraction.

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