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Josie on Shadowridge Drive

Deborah Burggraaf

2019 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Cover Design Juvenile (Silver) Come take flight with Lilly, as she heads west each summer to be with her canine buddy, Josie, a Wheaten Terrier. Enjoy the carefree days of June with lazy walks up Shadowridge Drive dotted with sun-drenched Asian Lilies, blossoming Lilac trees and falling, spiked acorns. At first, time seems never-ending, as the two friends re-kindle their love. However, with the ticking of time, their cherished days slip away until they only have treasured memories to hold onto. Josie on Shadowridge Drive is the heartfelt story about missing a special love and enjoying the time you do have. Spread your wings and open your heart as you share this special love between Lilly and Josie.
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