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Losing Herself

2019 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Young Adult Fiction and Non Fiction (Bronze), Cover Design Young Adult (Bronze) Emma and Susie lead a fabulous life. They live in Los Angeles, the daughters of a glamorous movie actress and an international agent whose job is filled with intrigue. But all is not well in Paradise. When Emma’s disruptive behavior gets them kicked out of their parochial school, she is diagnosed at 14 with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). She is besieged by multiple personalities who affect worrisome changes in the lives of the whole family—particularly irreverent and fun-loving Susie, who at age 12 gives herself entirely to being her adored sister’s caretaker, running interference and doing damage control for the unexpected and often bizarre things Emma does when one of her alter personalities takes over. Homeschooled, she misses out on being a normal teenager, and loses herself as she devotes her life to dealing with, among others, six-year-old Julia; Ralph, age 13, who claims her as his girl; and vicious boy-man Sam who wants to get rid of Emma so he can be in command of her body. Through years of therapy, will Emma be integrated back to being just Emma? Will Susie regain herself? Will both find happiness with their boyfriends? Find out in this heart-wrenching but often funny novel.
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