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March of the Sea Turtles

Joanne Simon Tailele

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Come along with Carly and her neighbor, Ranger Todd to learn all about nature in the Carly's Island Adventure Series. In this book, March of the Sea Turtles, Carly and Ranger Todd will anxiously await the baby loggerhead turtles to hatch, leave their nest in the sands of Marco Island Beach, and make their way to the sea. Carly must help them find the way to the sea by removing an obstacle too large for them to crawl over, a sandcastle.
A great read for young readers or story time by caregivers and teachers. Each book in the series will teach about another animal, reptile or fish on Marco Island, Florida and the surrounding southwest Florida area.
As a special bonus, each two-page spread has a hidden baby turtle? Can you find the illusive little guy?