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Meetings Mayhem!: Behind the Scenes of Successful Meetings and Events

Meetings Mayhem! is a showcase for disaster. It is also a tribute to the dedicated meeting and event planners who produce countless flawless programs every year, but then are only remembered by the ones where things go wrong. Terribly wrong. This book is about those stories, all true, and how in the face of adversity and chaos a professional planner will always see it through to the end. Meetings Mayhem! reads like an introduction to real-life planning from the voices of industry proswho have not only been there, done that, experienced it, but also lived-and remained employed-to talk about it and share those experiences. Written in humorous, easy to read, stand-alone one story per chapter format, each submission first sets the scene with details about the size and scope of the event before explaining how, when, and why it turned into a fiasco. The highlighted industry terminology and definitions help guide the reader deeper into the journey of "good meeting goes bad." The final designation reference page at the end of this book lends further authority to the impressive accomplishments of many of the contributing storytellers.
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