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MISS DEACON and The Tale of William

2020 FAPA Award Winner - Inspirational: Silver 2020  FAPA Award Winner - Bio/Autobiography/Memoir This poetic memoir, set in northern Wales in the 1950s, is about the iconic Nanny of the Mason family, Dorothy Rose Deacon, who raised her "lads" in a sixteen bedroom castle. Over the years, the eldest son, William, marries his beloved, Sylvia, only to lose her to a heart condition. It is Miss Deacon who stands by William's side through this loss, supporting him and encouraging him to heal by re-kindling his friendships, tilling his beautiful garden, and tinkering with his clock collection. As time goes by, MISS DEACON becomes feeble and frail, and it is William who offers her the greatest gift of all, his friendship. Pull up a chair, pour a cuppa tea, and experience this treasured tale between two friends who must now face a changing world, as they each learn acceptance.
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