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My Mother's Apprentice: A Sequel (Stuck in the Onesies Series)

2019 FAPA President's Award Winner - Adult Fiction (Bronze) My Mother's Apprentice is the sequel to Stuck in the Onesies." It's the story of the daughters, Ginger and Karen, who grew up as close as sisters. Ginger chases her dream to Jamaica, but Karen goes no further than her own backyard. The story transports you to the 1970s when Ginger becomes a star during the reggae revolution. She discovers what she fled to Jamaica to escape, followed her. The ghost of her past threatens to become her future. Karen is an aspiring author and travels to Jamaica to write her manuscript. She uncovers Ginger's double life and tries to help her lifelong sister-from-another-mother, but finds that addiction and the ghost that has captured her imagination can have a stronger hold than friendship.
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