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My Pancreas Needs Glasses

Rhonda Goodall

2019 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Children’s Chapter Book Ages 7-12 (Silver)
My Pancreas Needs Glasses is a lighthearted, eye-opening way for kids to look at a part of their body that doesn’t work quite right. “My Pancreas Needs Glasses has been such a great resource for JDRF North Florida to utilize as we’ve educated students in various classrooms about type 1 diabetes. The way the story is told really puts a perspective on having type 1 diabetes that elementary children and adults can relate to. In addition, My Pancreas Needs Glasses is proving to be a great tool for newly diagnosed families so much so that we’ve elected to include it in our Bag of Hope locally, which is provided to newly diagnosed patients at the hospital.” Brooks Biagini, Executive Director JDRF North Florida
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