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Nel Adora And The Swamp Witch

Emily R Baker

2022 FAPA President's Book Award: Bronze: Children Grades 3-5 Nel Adora And The Swamp Witch is a fantastical tale about a little girl on a journey of friendship and confidence. In this fully-illustrated children's book, a little girl named Nel Adora wanders into the woods where she encounters the dreaded Swamp Witch, who teaches her about love, life, magic, and even takes her on a late-night broom ride! Through this adventure, Nel learns how to improve her relationship and better communicate with others (especially her dad). The full-color artwork throughout lends a nostalgic feeling to this inspirational story. With a central theme of love and adventure, this picture book is ideal for 3rd-5th graders who are trying to find their place in a big world. A rhyming, lyrical style makes it well-suited as a read-together book or a fun read-alone book. This book makes an outstanding gift for 8+-year-old girls, though enjoyed by people of all ages, including delayed readers as well as adult readers looking for a simple, enjoyable read. The flow makes it easy to follow and understand by those who struggle with dyslexia and reading comprehension, even those who never considered themselves to be a "strong reader".