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Nose to Tail

Louise Harding

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Do you dream of owning a loving, obedient, well-mannered dog? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your dog's bad behaviour? Do you want to train your dog and don't know where to start? Now there is a book for you. Champion trainer Louise Harding will be your own personal expert, coaching you and your dog. Louise will help you: -Choose a dog who's right for you and your family -To understand what makes dogs tick -Discover your dog's unique traits, personality and energy level Using her exclusive reward based training method, you will learn how to: -See the world through your dog's eyes -Become a dog behaviour detective -Develop your own individual training plan for success -Train your dog with the basic behaviours for a happy home-life -Expand your training to ensure you and your dog are safe and confident out and about And much more! Imagine if you could unlock the secrets of a master trainer and make training easier and fun for you and your dog. This book will show you how and help you communicate and nurture a strong life-long bond with your dog.

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