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Outer Space Is Here! A Survey of the Latest Aerospace Developments from Earth and Beyond

Liz Knowles Ed.D.

A must have resource for updates on all of the exciting happenings in the space program in Florida and all around the world. The US space shuttle program ended in 2011 and after years of little action – we now have an unbelievable abundance of space exploration and aerospace developments. Read about satellites, telescopes, rovers, and missions to the International Space Station and ones planned to the moon and Mars that are forthcoming. There is so much happening that it is hard to keep track of everything.
This is your resource for all the latest technological innovations from NASA, SpaceX, and aerospace industries. A resource for all individuals, families, students of all ages, tourists, and entrepreneurs - with an interest in what is happening in the space program here and in outer space!

  • SpaceX and Falcon9

  • Crew And Cargo Dragon Capsule Missions

  • Artemis One, Orion and Starship

  • Lunar Gateway Space Station

  • James Webb Telescope

  • Parker Solar Probe

  • GOES-T Environmental Satellite

  • Axiom 1 Mission to the International Space Station


  • Advance Composite Solar Sales System

  • 3-D Lunar Launch and Landing Pad Development

  • And Much More!

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