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Patriot X: Insurrection

Seth Sjostrom

Cities around the globe are on fire. Civil unrest becomes increasingly violent as anarchy and hate are propelled by an unknown agent. Patriot X and his team of rogue military operators are called upon to quell the violence, rescue innocents and learn who is fanning the destructive flames worldwide. Handcuffed by politics and stymied to separate the earnest voices raising genuine issues from the subversive subculture that rises in arms with each nightfall, governments refuse to act, bringing entire cities to their knees. Left in the crossfire are desperate citizens losing their homes, their businesses and increasingly, their lives. Patriot X must walk a delicate line preserving liberty while fighting for justice in cities that had fallen to utter lawlessness. With each city liberated, uncovered clues reveal an unthinkable global plot masterminded by a shadowy elitist cabal. The world, on the verge of irreversible change, hinges on Patriot X winning a war no one realized was being fought.

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