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Polishing Jade (A Novel)

Tekoa Manning

Polishing Jade is a Christian novel that is centered around a woman's journey through faith, healing, and transformation. Jade Gentry is a shy introvert with an old soul and an abusive, alcoholic father. One night after a loud poker party, a drunken friend of Jade's father sneaks into her room and commits an unthinkable act. Scared and afraid, Jade seeks shelter at Taylor's General Store, where her friend Dillon, a young African American store clerk, works. Jade confides in him about the assault and longs for him to protect her and cover the pain, but in the 1960s rural Mississippi, such friendships could cost them their lives. This heartfelt novel hosts a unique cast of characters that all play a role in developing Jade's remarkable makeover in Polishing Jade.

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