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Prepare for the Harvest! Confidence in God's End-Time Promises

Pamela Christian

2020 FAPA Award Winner - Religion/Spirituality Do thoughts of the last days fill you with fear? Are you in denial about the present worldwide unrest? Are you looking for a place of peace and safety in these End Times? The high level of hostility, extreme hatred, and unprecedented violence worldwide today is unlike any other time in history. Many respond with fear, others with denial, still others seek to escape to safety. •Are we living in the Last Days as prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago? •Who can escape the great and terrible Day of the Lord? •Will the volatility we face with unpredictable world leaders and the escalating levels toward wars build up to World War III? Is this setting the stage for Armageddon described in the Bible? The Bible speaks of a great End-Time Harvest of souls. The Church must be prepared to receive and disciple the many people who are awakening to the truth of Jesus. What will the Harvest be like and how can we get ready? Prepare for the Harvest! Confidence in God’s End-Time Promises explores the answers to these questions and more. There is hope, there is safety, and there is escape. It’s not in cowering or hiding, but in knowing and embracing the truth, and joining the army of God whose victory is assured.
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