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Redefining Family Wealth: A Parent's Guide to Purposeful Living

Deborah L. Meyer

2020 FAPA Award Winner - Religion/Spirituality Building wealth is tricky business, especially in Christian communities. Many believe what they’ve always been told: money is intrinsically evil, you’re stuck with your past financial mistakes, and wealth planning is only for the very rich. But these are lies—and wealth isn’t just about money. Being wealthy is about providing for your family and others in meaningful ways. CPA financial planner Deb Meyer turns these misconceptions upside down and shares:
  • The step-by-step guide to create a financial plan aligned with your values.
  • Easy suggestions to shift how you think about money and ensure your past doesn’t become your script for the future.
  • The power of prayer and how it works hand-in-hand with an abundance mindset.
  • How to drop the idea that retirement always starts at age 65.
Aligning what we possess with what we believe, this easy-to-navigate financial guide will help you understand you are wealthy when living the life God envisions for you.  
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