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Sandblast: Task Force Epsilon

Alan Pessin

2021 FAPA President's Award Winner: Bronze: Thriller/Horror Lieutenant Faraz Abdallah is willing to do anything for his country, but this time, his ultimate patriot mission will take him into the belly of the beast….and right into the heart of the Taliban….   Written with authentic detail, former foreign correspondent Al Pessin takes the reader on a pulse-pounding adventure, where Faraz learns that in order to defeat the enemy, you have to become your enemy.   The plane carrying the Secretary of Defense is blown out of the sky. The Defense Intelligence Agency greenlights an unprecedented response—Operation: Sandblast.   Pentagon Covert Ops runner Bridget Davenport, must find someone to infiltrate the Taliban, get to the terrorist mastermind, and at all costs stop his plan for an attack more destructive than 9/11. Bridget finds young California-raised Afghan-American Lieutenant Faraz Abdallah. His heritage and military training make him the perfect undercover agent, but no one knows whether he can do the job.   Success depends on Faraz’s ability to fool the Taliban’s top leaders and become a terrorist, while remembering why he’s really there.  Bridget believes in him, but it will take everything she has to keep the president and the top brass from pulling the plug ...