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Searching for Sarah

Phillip Vega

2021 FAPA President's Book Award Winner: Gold: Romance “Searching for Sarah is not simply a novel about love and not about sex, though both have their place. It’s about an idea. About ingrained prejudices, missed opportunities, and events beyond our control. It’s about not letting life slip through our fingers. About seizing the moment. It is unreservedly recommended.” ~ BookViral ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~~~ To fulfill a dying wish, a grieving Hispanic man uses his sister’s private journals as a guide in tracking down the love of her life, a woman named Sarah. But who is Sarah? To solve this mystery, and to honor his sister’s final wish, Tom uses Nina’s personal journals as a guide, in his search for Sarah. Frustration mounts as he delves deeper into Nina’s past, uncovering secrets that will change his life forever. Will Tom overcome the seemingly never-ending obstacles and find the enigmatic Sarah before putting his sister to rest?
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