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Shadow of the Son (Eye of the Moon)

Ivan Obolensky

Curses, consequences and extraordinary love in Rhinebeck…

Return to Eye of the Moon and its magic, intrigue, and mystery in this enchanting sequel.

Shadow of the Son is the hauntingly majestic tale of broken promises, old scores settled, second chances, passion and jealousy.

What starts as a simple question from an uninvited guest descends into a complex game of move and countermove, as ties between the guests surface, and secrets behind secrets are revealed. Everyone, and all that resides at the mystical heart of Rhinebeck, must come to grips with someone who hides sadistic and malignant intentions—one who has calculatingly affected all their lives and is determined to do the same again. Will love and loyalty triumph over darkness and diabolical cunning?

As with Eye of the Moon, be transported into a world that will captivate you and have you reading late into the night.

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