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Shock of Fate (Anchoress Series Book One)

D. L. Armillei

🏆 *Solo Medalist Winner of the New Apple Book Awards For Excellence in Publishing*

One ordinary teenager. One extraordinary mission. And a destiny she never expected.

Like every other teenager on Providence Island, fifteen-year-old Vanessa Cross is so ready to party her summer away—until her father disappears. And rumors fly that he’s a traitor.

Plucked from her ordinary life to journey to an alternate world to retrieve a magical relic, Van bends—okay, breaks—the rules to sneak her best friend along to help with a quest of her own. Find her father. Prove his innocence.

What she finds will test her heart, her wits, and her courage, and push her along a stumbling path toward a destiny she never expected or wanted. Failure to rise to the challenge could destroy her friends, what’s left of her family, and the people she was born to protect.

This award-winning, best-selling book will appeal to fans of Percy Jackson, The Hobbit, and LOTR

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