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Stepping Out - A Journey of the Soul

Kim Laliberte

2019 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Religion/Spirituality (Silver) There is a stepping out in faith and there is a stepping out of Jesus’ footsteps. Both are part of the journey with God. This story of discovery and recovery is for every believer who sits in church week after week wondering why they are not experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised. Kim tells of a painful time in her life when she stepped out of Jesus’ footsteps into sin and how God lovingly drew her back. He gave her victory, soul healing, freedom and joy beyond what she ever experienced or believed possible. This journey unleashed in Kim’s life the meaning of “more”. More abundance, more joy, more freedom, more of Jesus. “We were meant for more. We carry the answer within us but many of us do not even realize it. The power to live the abundant life has been in us from the beginning of our walk with God.” Filled with practical application, this book contains Biblical resources to guide you toward living in freedom and wholeness in Jesus Christ. It will change the way you live and experience relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
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