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Supreme Betrayal

Mark M. Bello

Hayley Larson is no prude—she's just tired of listening to her parents all the time. Besides, this is a Wilkinson party, hosted by the two Wilkinson brothers at their posh, lakefront mansion. Hayley is dying to find out what all the hype is about. But, when she decides to leave . . . Oliver Wilkinson stands at the door, blocking her exit. He's older and much larger than the diminutive Hayley. “Hey, baby— Want to party?” The assault that night has haunted Hayley for twenty years. Until now . . . Now, Oliver Wilkinson is the President’s nominee for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court, the position he has coveted his entire career. That is a bridge too far. Hayley can’t let that happen. But Wilkinson will stop at nothing for a seat on the court . . . NOTHING. Only Hayley Larson Schultz stands in his way.
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