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Tales From a Lady's Bower: A Collection

Isabella Berdyna Zysk, Ronnda Eileen Henry, and Aleksandra Layland

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Tales From a Lady's Bower is a sampling of romantic adventure tales set in the signature medieval-like fantasy worlds of Aleksandra Layland, author of the Windflower Saga; Ronnda Eileen Henry, author of the Penruddock Romances; and Isabella Berdyna Zysk, author of the Medieval Tales, and told within the context of a broader storyline.

A young student scribe named Spring is hired to go to Greenholme Keep for two weeks to prepare an inventory of the buildings, contents, and farmsteads that belonged to Lady Emmaline, an elderly widow who recently passed away. Lady Emmaline's family owned the property for centuries, but it was now to be put up for sale.

Spring meets the caretakers, Martha and Charlie, and is surprised to find that Greenholme Keep isn't simply a house as she thought but a fortified property on a hill that included four houses and other outbuildings. Most of these were closed up, had not been used for twenty years, and the furnishings and such had been sold off.

But in the main house there was one special room that fascinated Spring. Lady Emmaline's bower. Here among her books and belongings, Spring would uncover connections between her own life as an orphan in a distant city and the life of Lady Emmaline.

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