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Tales from the Eerie Canal: 22 Stories of the Delightfully Dark & Creepy

Barbara Rein

2022 FAPA President's Award: Bronze Adult Fiction Thriller/Horror MURDER BY TOILET PLUNGER. REVENGE BY PIE. THE BIRTHDAY GIFT OF A TRIP TO HELL. A collection of “horror lite” short stories (goosebumps, not gore) filled with delightfully creepy twists. For fan-atics of Twilight Zone and psychological thrillers — an eclectic mix of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and romance, sprinkled with a kick of wit. Tales from the Eerie Canal weaves the sinister mystery of Edgar Allan Poe with the dark humor of Edward Gorey. Darkly brilliant short stories stirred with bits of the absurd. Short reads. Quick chills. One taste—you’ll be back for more: *They’re famous, wealthy, and living it up. And they’re dead. *They offered her a dream job. But for just one body part. *She thought she’d die peacefully. Then the witch came. *He’s losing his mind. But knows where to find it. *She didn’t like her name. She did enjoy drowning. *An odd little mirror’s reflections deceive. *Not everyone gets invited to the resort. Not everyone gets to leave. *Passions ignite when love bites a vampire on a Caribbean cruise. *He’s an opera star. And a murderer. With a pedigree from the AKC *A deceased artist bequeaths a painting that breathes. *He ran over their cat. Now their revenge had nine lives. *She’s dying. And dead set on leaving no one behind. *Her daughter’s boyfriend had to go. So did the evidence. *There’s something odd about the leaves—don’t come home after dark. *A man could grow old waiting for the subway. Very old *She’ll shampoo what ails you right down the drain. *He was just a kid in a candy shop. With a demon of a sweet tooth. *She never wished for curly hair. Or the body she woke up in. *She joked about reincarnation. She’s not laughing now. * The view from his tub is to die for. His wife is happy to oblige. *She craves sunlight. The dark won’t let go. * Their pies are famous, their nightmare a secret. Now one wrong turn leads to sweet revenge.
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