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Tap Tap Swish: Otter Counts the Band

Haley Rose

2020 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Children - Education (Bronze) Toddlers learn best while having fun and this beautifully illustrated, innovative book offers an engaging new way for children to discover and learn basic counting concepts while exploring the wonderful world of animals and musical instruments. Join Otter and the rest of the animal band in this colorful, rhyming story that will have you laughing, singing and counting along. (Please note that this is not an orchestra book. Orchestras are made of different instruments. This book is about a band and a band is a group of musicians that work together to perform music.) Extras: The fun facts and animal math are extras and not part of the story. The math problems at the end are meant to prompt you and your child to go back to that animal page and count them. You can use this as a secondary counting exercise. If your child has sensory issues you might want to skip the sounds.
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